Let me cut to the chase: I really miss writing for pleasure. The weather's been really nice for me, I love rain and it usually gives me things to ponder or write about.. but this time I think I'm undergoing some kind of block? So, during this school break I mostly go on TV show marathon or sleep away the day.

Yesterday I decided to clean up my laptop disk and I found this dusting among the folders: my first ever photo portfolio titled 'Pulang Kampung'. The pictures were taken in my hometown, South Sulawesi, when I had a short visit for a family occasion there last September. My dad's family lives there. It was years since the last time I visited, so I was excited to finally be there again.

Anyway, related to the portfolio, it's actually a project from the photography club that I join at school. It was my first time making this kind of thing and it took a few days to finish, but I had fun throughout the process. I have a thing for envelope or postcard designbecause I like the idea of delivering thoughts, feelings, or just simple greetings through real handwriting to someone else—so I tried corporate that into the whole design concept. I didn't want my portfolio to only consist of plain pictures (especially considering my lack of ability when it comes to taking artsy pictures) and bland captions, so I added stories related to the pictures, just like real postcards. I also inserted a little puzzle, too: if you read carefully, you will know who the writer writes to. 

Click on the picture for full preview (published on my newly made Issuu page):
I used Adobe Photoshop (the only program I'm fond of) for the design and Adobe Lightroom for photo enhancement.

And right now I'm in the mood for something similar: visiting places, taking pictures, drinking in the view, and getting inspired all over again.